Conferences and events

Conference presentation

  • CLUES: Energy in Locality conference; 8th May 2012; University College London; attended by SimonRoss; RECCKN poster presented
  • British Sociological Association (BSA) Conference, University of Southampton, March 2012; Sarah Hards attended and presented on the RECCKN project
  • Social Policy Association (SPA) Annual Conference, University of York , 16-18 July 2012; Sarah Hards attended and presented on the RECCKN project
  • RECCKN Team presentation at the Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) annual conference, July 2012, Edinburgh, by Sherilyn MacGregor and Sarah Hall
  • Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN), Sustainability Knowledge Network, House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee meeting, 17 October 2012; London; Professor Dobson attended and presented RECCKN findings
  • Political Studies Association (PSA) annual conference 26 March 2013, Cardiff; presentation of findings by Andrew Dobson
  • Andrew Dobson presentingBristol Big Green Week, June 21st 2013, Bristol, RECCKN presentation by Neil Simcock and Simon Ross
  • Workshop on ‘Developing Capacity in Multimodal Research, Community Engagement, and Energy Demand Reduction’, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July, 2013, Cardiff. Attended by Andy Dobson and Neil Simcock who presented RECKKN finding and video
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy ‘Plan Local’ launch Friday 5th July 2013, Birmingham. Attended by Simon Ross who also presented.
  • Older People and Energy; Tuesday 9th July 2013, Manchester. RECCKN presentation by Phil Catney
  • Presentation and discussion of RECCKN findings and video to research participants; July 17, 2013, Keele Hub for Sustainability. Andy Dobson presented. This was also an end-of-project ‘thank you’ celebration for participants.
  • Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Community Energy Strategy Research Seminar, 23 July 2013, Whitehall, London: Andrew Dobson presented findings and video.
  • RECCKN presentation at the RGS-IBG, August 2013, London, Neil Simcock presented