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Keele University

Keele HallThe RECCKN project has drawn upon, and has helped to increase Keele University's expertise in interdisciplinary research dedicated to finding solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges. Keele has an international reputation for its research on environmental issues across the natural and social sciences.

In the natural sciences, research and activities carried out at Keele include: environmental and sustainable technologies such as: clean coal, carbon capture and sequestration, fuel cells and conversion of biogas and biofuels; clean catalysis, sustainable materials chemistry and green chemistry; environmental sensors; environmental analysis; applied and environmental geophysics, including the application of high-resolution geophysical techniques to environmental problems; as well as research in environmental change including glacial and sea-level response to climate change, biogeochemistry and carbon and nutrient cycles, freshwater science and terrestrial ecology.

In the social sciences, sustainability research is conducted mainly through the Centre for Research on Environmental Action and Thought. Its strengths lie in the fields of the international relations of the environment, environmental movements, security and the environment, environmental citizenship and justice, environmental policy-making, and the development and application of tools to analyse long-term environmental problems including climate change.

Environmental sustainability is a major strategic growth area at Keele. The University aims to become a leader in sustainability within the higher education sector. Keele Hub for Sustainability has been recently established to provide a focus for sustainability activities across teaching, research, outreach activities and campus developments, and includes major funding bids for around £6M (for a bespoke new building and research projects) as part of a University commitment to an environmental agenda. Exciting new developments in the use of sustainable and clean technologies for energy generation on the campus itself are underway and integrate with both teaching and research activities in the fields of environmental science, politics and sustainability at Keele.