These documentary videos produced by PublicSpace show the RECCKN project's innovative approach to engaging people on energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

  • Public: from interviews with the public participants - the first video inspires communities to share practical experience of increasing energy efficiency and reducing bills.
  • Policy: from interviews with the research team - the second video addresses the UK policy priority to increase energy efficiency within our way of life and our poorly-insulated housing stock.
  • Community: the third and fourth videos highlight an Energy Question Time event, carried out by the Silverdale community.

1. Energy saving: it's a social thing (14 mins)

A film to inspire communities based on interviews with project participants

Or view the video on Vimeo.

2. Engaging communities in energy efficiency (12 mins)

The major policy implications of our research communicated by the RECCKN research team

Or view the video on Vimeo.

3. About the Energy Question Time at Silverdale (7 mins)

A short video about the Energy Question Time which was organised by the Silverdale participants, designed to inspire others about the benefit of such local events

Or view the video on Vimeo.

4. The Energy Question Time at Silverdale (30 mins)

The full question-and-answer session from the Energy Question Time event, designed for anyone interested in hearing the full answers to each question

Or view the video on Vimeo.